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Name:Packt - Python Machine Learning Tips Tricks and Techniques
Age:7 months
 Packt - Python Machine Learning Tips Tricks and Techniques

 1.Improving Your Models Using Feature Engineering

 01.The Course Overview.mp4
7 MB
 02.Using Feature Scaling to Standardize Data.mp4
26 MB
 03.Implementing Feature Engineering with Logistic Regression.mp4
9 MB
 04.Extracting Data with Feature Selection and Interaction.mp4
16 MB
 05.Combining All Together.mp4
11 MB
 06.Build Model Based on Real-World Problems.mp4
12 MB
 2.Feature Improvement with Non Linear Classification Techniques

 07.Support Vector Machines.mp4
19 MB
 08.Implementing kNN on the Data Set.mp4
29 MB
 09.Decision Tree as Predictive Model.mp4
23 MB
 10.Tricks with Dimensionality Reduction.mp4
18 MB
 11.Combining All Together.mp4
18 MB
 3.Power of Ensemble Learning with Python

 12.Random Forest for Classification.mp4
20 MB
 13.Gradient Boosting Trees and Bayes Optimization.mp4
28 MB
 14.CatBoost to Handle Categorical Data.mp4
17 MB
 15.Implement Blending.mp4
23 MB
 16.Implement Stacking.mp4
28 MB
 4.Recommender Systems

 17.Memory-Based Collaborative Filtering.mp4
18 MB
 18.Item-to-Item Recommendation with kNN.mp4
18 MB
 19.Applying Matrix Factorization on Datasets.mp4
23 MB
 20.Wordbatch for Real-World Problem.mp4
18 MB
 5.Boost Your Overall Model Robustness

 21.Validation Dataset Tuning.mp4
13 MB
 22.Regularizing Model to Avoid Overfitting.mp4
9 MB
 23.Adversarial Validation.mp4
12 MB
 24.Perform Metric Selection on Real Data.mp4
61 MB
 Exercise Files
270 MB
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